BBR PARTNERS, LLC (CRD# 109688) is an SEC-Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), headquartered in New York, NY. The SEC approved the firm to operate as an RIA in Feb 2000. In Oct 2018, the firm reported total Regulatory Assets Under Management (RAUM) of $14.2 Billion, and has discretion over 86% of those assets.   Pooled investment vehicles (Private Funds) account for 28% of RAUM.   Non-US investors represent 5% .  
BBR PARTNERS, LLC also reported in Oct 2018:
  • 90 employees, with 65 performing advisory functions.
  • A total of 3 office locations.
  • No registrations with foreign financial regulatory authorities.
  • Operation as a Commodity Pool Operator (CPO) or Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA).
BBR PARTNERS, LLC has no disclosure events reported to the SEC at this time.

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BBR PARTNERS, LLC has Notice Filings with the following State Securities Authorities: CA-Mar 2003, CO-Oct 2004, CT-Mar 2001, DC-Oct 2004, DE-Oct 2004 , FL-Sep 2002, GA-Sep 2002, IA-May 2006, IL-Dec 2003, KY-Jan 2002 , LA-Mar 2016, MA-Nov 2006, MD-Nov 2005, MO-Sep 2002, NH-Dec 2003 , NJ-Sep 2002, NY-Mar 2003, OH-Jan 2008, OK-Mar 2017, PA-Nov 2005 , RI-Oct 2004, SC-Mar 2017, SD-Mar 2006, TX-Dec 2003

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