Finding Fraud was conceived and constructed by a seasoned private fund due diligence researcher who recently became unemployed.  The RIA initial research pages were generated from publicly-available SEC data and are intended to give the investor or investigator a running start by providing some basic facts, historical regulatory assets under management and a link to the manager's most-recent Form ADV.  This is where your journey starts.

I have performed over 250 “deep dive” investigations on hedge funds and other alternative investments based in the US, Europe, Asia and various offshore tax havens.  I have discovered shocking facts about some of the richest and most respected asset managers in the world, not because I am a well-connected insider, but because I skeptically dig through details others don't. If you do not wish to become a victim of fraud, I suggest you do the same.  Verify timelines and history, cross-reference names, addresses and phone numbers looking for hidden connections.  You'll be amazed and amused by what you find.

I began performing a daily news sweep of the financial world with a special focus on fraud cases in 2011.  Conservatively I have read and reported on 50,000 articles.  I cannot begin to articulate all this experience has taught me, but I will say that the patterns of frauds and fraudsters are highly predictable.  What continues to surprise me about these cases is how successful they are at attracting capital and how long they survive for. 

There are many different types of fraud, but the footprints are usually detectable from careful review of open sources (Legal registrations, regulatory documents, court records, leak databases, public profiles, news stories and other media).  It's not rocket science or magic, it's work.  Don't look for shortcuts.  Don't trust your gut instincts. You are up against world-class masters of manipulation. 

I am actively seeking research work, so the future of this website isn't guaranteed.  I enjoyed tackling the technical challenges generating the pages and charts presented, but am anxious to return to grinding through details in search of insight and truth (go figure).  I hope others will find this information helpful. 



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